Snow Day





We have snow!  It’s not too common for it to snow in the south and that’s something I was thrilled about when we moved here.  My kids on the other hand absolutely love the snow and are loving life this week!  We may not have much snow on the ground but they’ll take what they can get.  Today is the second day that school and sports have been canceled so we spent the afternoon playing outside.  I hate being cold and I’m not a big fan of the snow but I love seeing my kids get excited about it.  I guess it’s not too bad as long you can come inside to a warm fire and hot cocoa.  Happy snow day, stay safe and warm!


What I’m wearing… North Face Coat (old but similar here), Gap Jeans, Hunter Boots, JCrew Beanie (older), Scarf (older), YSL #6 on my lips!                                                                                                                                                            What Elle’s wearing… Burton Jacket (similar here), Gap Jeans, UGG Boots, scarf and beanie are older but it’s easy to find something similar!                                                                                                                                                             What Billy’s wearing… North Face Jacket (similar), Joe’s Jeans, Reebok shoes, beanie is Shaun White from Target  What Tommy’s wearing… Joe’s Jeans, Quicksilver Jacket (similar here), Adidas


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