Glammed Up Locker

DIY glam up your tween girls locker for middle school on Decorating a girls locker on Girls Locker Decorating on

This is the last week of Summer for my kids so we’re going to be busy getting ready for school to start up.  Today we went to Elle’s Middle School to decorate her locker.  Apparently this is a big thing for Middle School girls, who knew?   We had fun picking out some cute wallpaper (it’s magnetic so it won’t ruin school property), we also picked out a rug, a chandelier, a few accessories, and even a monogram to glam it up.

Everything was purchased at Target expect for the Monogram, we found that on ETSY.  It was super easy, inexpensive, and so much fun to do together!

Thanks for stopping by, I hope you’ll check back for some cute back to school outfit inspiration this week!



  1. Super cute! I’m a middle school teacher in VA and am always tickled to see all the clever ways students jazz up their lockers. This one, I’ll have to say, is top of the line!! 🙂 At my school it is a big deal to decorate the outside of lockers for birthdays. Friends do this for each other with balloons, wrapping paper, etc.

    1. My daughter had so much fun decorating it, it’s exciting stuff to get a locker! That’s a cute idea to decorate the outside on birthdays, I hope they allow that down here.
      Where in VA are you? We moved here from Winchester, we miss VA so much!

      1. That is SO cool that you are from Winchester! I grew up there and go back every year for the Apple Blossom Festival. We live in Fairfax County about 25 minutes outside of D.C. (close to Fair Oaks Mall). Our town is Clifton. 🙂

  2. This is so cute! I wish my schools had lockers, but I’m pretty sure if they did we wouldn’t have been allowed to decorate them. This is fun, you’re a great mom to help your daughter glam it up so much! And I love that baby chandelier- I’m tempted to get some for my closet!

    1. Thanks, we bought everything (except the monogram) at Target right before school started. I don’t think they carry it during the school year but I’m sure you’ll be able to find it around August.

    1. Thanks! We got it at Target last year around this time. I’m not sure if they have it this year but I know I saw similar magnetic wallpaper at a Hobby Lobby last year too. Hope you find something cute!! 😉

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