Thanksgiving Chalkboard on

Every November right after we have family prayer we sit in a circle and share a few things we’re thankful for.  I don’t know why we only do it in November, it should be year round because there is too much to say in just one short month.  Last year I decided I wanted to list a few things we’ve said so we can see it and be reminded of it throughout the month.  I found something similar to our “GRATEFUL” board on Pinterest and then came up with what we do now.

One thing we’re so thankful for is this beautiful country we live in and the brave men and women that protect it.  Over the weekend Joel and I went to the Auburn football game and although we lost we were happy to be there for Military Appreciation Day.  I can’t help but feel so much pride for our country and gratitude towards the men and women that fight for our freedom.

I hope you all have a great Veterans Day.


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