Thanksgiving Outfit

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I know all families are different but I’m curious, did your family dress up for Thanksgiving dinner or was it okay to go to the table casually dressed?  Growing up we weren’t expected to be in our Sunday best but we’d never dream of showing up to the dinner table in sweats.  My mom worked all day in the kitchen cooking and felt it was a sign of respect to dress nicely before sitting down together.  That being said, this is my Thanksgiving look.  It’s comfortable without being sloppy, hopefully my mom would approve!

I love Thanksgiving and have so much I’m grateful for.  Thank you so much for reading, I hope you have a great Thanksgiving week!


Shop My Look….  Shirt: J Crew (on sale + 30% off with code GETFESTIVE)  |  Jeans:  GAP  |  Scarf:  Brina Box  |  Sunglasses:  Karen Walker  |  Heels:  Jessica Simpson  |  Lipstick:  MAC Viva Glam VI  |  Nail Polish:  Essie Velvet Voyage

Photos by Lauren Beesley


  1. I enjoy dressing up a little more than usual just because I don’t get to on a daily basis! Love this look though, just as you said, comfy without sloppy.

  2. Good afternoon California girl! It is so nice to have you here in Alabama with us. I agree with what you said about how one is to present ones self at the dinner table, especially Thanksgiving. Your mother taught you right. It is a blessing to have a sense of appropriateness.

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