California Love

Over the holidays we flew to California to visit my family.  Joel and I surprised the kids the weekend before Christmas with tickets to California and they were so excited!  I didn’t take as many pictures as I wanted, it’s always hard when you’re having fun.  Here are a few of my favorites…

Birth of Christ Reenactment

On Christmas Eve we went to a close family friends house for a delicious dinner and the kids reenacted the birth of Christ while we read from Luke.  It was such a fun and special evening, we enjoyed seeing old friends and watching the kids come together and remember the true meaning of Christmas.

Birth of Christ Reenactment

Christmas Angles

Elle and my darling niece Maci were two of the Angels, they were so cute.

Christmas Eve Pajamas

My kids in their Christmas PJs on Christmas Eve


If these aren’t the cutest Santa cookies then I don’t what are!  A friend from home makes these delicious cookies (Well Mixed Sweet Treats) and they were so good!  I knew we wouldn’t have time to make cookies for Santa since we got in the week of Christmas and had so much going on so I ordered these and just might have to do it every year!  I want to order cookies for every occasion!


The kids on Christmas morning

Day Family Christmas 2014

Christmas Day with my Family

Christmas 2014 with Grandma Helen

This picture is blurry and not that great but my Grandma is in it so I have to include it!

Grandma Helen with Great Grandkids

My cute 97 year old Grandma flew out to CA to spend Christmas with our family and we loved spending time with her.  We yelled a lot (she doesn’t hear very well) and I lost my voice but it was worth it to have her there.  My kids haven’t seen much of her since moving to the South so this was a special treat for all of us, I hope they’ll always remember this Christmas with her.

Date Night

Joel and I took advantage of having free babysitters and went to dinner with my little brother and his darling pregnant wife.  Spending time with them made me want to move home so bad!!

Twin Scarves

Pink Perfection Baby Shower

I’m so happy I was home for my sister-in-laws baby shower.  She’s having her first girl (she has two little boys) and we’re all so excited for her.  The shower was pink perfection and such a blast!

Maria's Baby Shower

My two darling sister-in-laws

Maria's Baby Shower

Maria's Baby Shower

Love these ladies, miss them!!

Maria's Baby Shower

Yay for Maria, can’t wait for baby girl to come!!

New Years Eve with Girlfriends!

My friend Heather who I consider the sister I never had invited a few families of for New Years Eve and we had such a fun night.  We love their family so much!!

Mother, Daughter, Granddaughter

Shopping with my mom and Elle was one of my favorite days, these are two of my favorite people and definitely the funnest gals to shop with and eat lunch with!


And that’s a wrap!  Red eyes are definitely the way to fly with kids, they slept the entire time and even napped when we got home!

Spending the holidays back home was the best way to end 2014 and begin 2015.  I’ve had so much fun blogging this past year and look forward to sharing more of what I love to wear this in 2015.  Thank you for following along and reading, I can’t wait to see what this year has to offer!



**Most pics were taken with an iPhone and pulled of Instagram, sorry for the blurry pics but I had to document this trip!**


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