Clothes Rack





I’ve been looking for a clothes rack but couldn’t find anything I love and was getting frustrated.  I have a little desk and office spot set up in my bedroom and that’s where I wanted my clothes rack so I didn’t want it to look cheap or out of place.  After complaining enough, Joel told me he’d just make something for me.  It was the easiest thing to put together and was completed (start to finish including painting everything) in a few hours.

We used 1 piece of 12″ x 10′ plain board cut in half and stained mahogany and metal piping that we sprayed black.  We purchased everything from our local hardware store.  Joel attached the coordinating piping and screwed it into the wood and it was complete.  Had I know it would be as fast and easy as it was I would have had him make it long ago!  I love how it turned out and have so much fun styling it.  I wish I would have taken some pictures of the process but Joel finished it too fast.  If you want any more details on how we made it just let me know.

If you’re not up to making one on your own I found a couple online that are really cute.

World Market (this is a great price!)  –  PB Teen  –  RH Teen


**These pictures are taken from my instagram @calicrest


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