Month: May 2017

The Better Bottle 

THE BETTER BOTTLE-2The Better Bottle-3The Better Bottle-4The Better Bottle

Roscoes Jammies are Burt’s Bees Baby and drinking out of The Better Bottle

Between lots of helping hands that want to feed Roscoe and a summer packed full of road trips I’ve been on the hunt for a good bottle. I needed to find that he’d take (I’m still nursing and don’t want to wean him yet) and I wanted to make sure it was safe. The Better Bottle reached out to me and after reading about them I was excited to give them a try. These bottles are safer because the technology they use creates a glasslike surface without the weight of a glass bottle or risk of breaking like glass does. Sounds like a win win, right! I’ve had the bottles for a couple weeks and am happy to say that Roscoe is drinking from them great and will still nurse without a problem. And this might sound weird but I swear he spits up less after using this bottle compared to others we’ve tried. He spits up a lot so this is huge for us. Go check them out if you’ve got a little one and I promise you won’t be disappointed. These bottles convert to a sippy cup once your baby is ready to transition which is great too. If you have any questions let me know and if you have any tips for a happy baby on long car rides please share in the comments. 

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Father’s Day with JORD

JORD watches.jpgJORDJORD wood watchJORD watchJORD-2.jpg

Joel’s Wearing… JORD watch

I’m pretty much the biggest procrastinator everrrrrrrrr. I don’t mean to be but time just kinda sneaks away. I feel like every holiday comes up faster and faster. Between birthdays and all the end of school year activities and projects I forget about Father’s Day until the day before. But not this year! After Mother’s Day I started looking for the perfect gift for Joel. Before we had iPhones I bought him a watch every year. It was kind of our tradition but somewhere between my procrastination and all our moves it kind of stopped. Now that we’re settled here in Utah and we’re trying to put our phones down a little more it’s time to bring back the watch giving tradition. I partnered with JORD and found a watch that I knew Joel would love. It’s kind of a surfer turns sophisticated look and if that isn’t perfect for Joel I don’t know what is.

Go check out their watches and enter to win $100 towards your purchase. And I’ll let you in on a little secret, everyone that enters gets a $25 credit just for entering!! So go enter and pick out a watch that’s perfect for your husband, dad, baby daddy, boyfriend,  brother, or even yourself because they’ve got some for women too. Take a loo and let me know which one is your favorite. I’ve got my eye on one that I’m loving for myself!

xxoo, Mishelle


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