The Better Bottle 

THE BETTER BOTTLE-2The Better Bottle-3The Better Bottle-4The Better Bottle

Roscoes Jammies are Burt’s Bees Baby and drinking out of The Better Bottle

Between lots of helping hands that want to feed Roscoe and a summer packed full of road trips I’ve been on the hunt for a good bottle. I needed to find that he’d take (I’m still nursing and don’t want to wean him yet) and I wanted to make sure it was safe. The Better Bottle reached out to me and after reading about them I was excited to give them a try. These bottles are safer because the technology they use creates a glasslike surface without the weight of a glass bottle or risk of breaking like glass does. Sounds like a win win, right! I’ve had the bottles for a couple weeks and am happy to say that Roscoe is drinking from them great and will still nurse without a problem. And this might sound weird but I swear he spits up less after using this bottle compared to others we’ve tried. He spits up a lot so this is huge for us. Go check them out if you’ve got a little one and I promise you won’t be disappointed. These bottles convert to a sippy cup once your baby is ready to transition which is great too. If you have any questions let me know and if you have any tips for a happy baby on long car rides please share in the comments. 

Thanks for stopping by!!

xxoo, Mishelle

Thanks to The Better Bottle for partnering with me on this post. All thoughts and options are my own.



We shared that we’re expecting baby #4 in November!!  We’re so excited to have another baby.  As of right now Elle’s hoping for a sister, Tommy’s hoping for a brother, and Billy says he’ll be happy no matter what.  Joel and I are with Billy, just praying for a healthy baby.


More news… We’re making the move from Chicago to Salt Lake City this summer.  Joel accepted a job for a freeze dryer company located in North Salt Lake.  He’s been working there for the past month and traveling back and forth from work to see the family on the weekends.  Fingers crossed we sale our house!!


My mom came to visit and help pack us up and move us out.  When she got here she let me try her bronzer and I was obsessed!  She went to Ulta and got one for me and a mini me version for Elle (since she steals all my makeup anyway).  I’ve been using it everyday, it’s a must have!!


I have to add this because I’ve been blowing my insagram up with pics of peonies from my yard.  They’re my favorite flower!  I have about six bushes in my backyard so my house was filled with vases of them in every room.  These are the last of them and it’s making me a little sad that my peony season is ending.


How cute is this blush!?!  Nars Orgasm (sorry about the name, I swear I’m not a pervert) is the perfect blush with just the right amount of color.  My mom and I love it so much!  The normal size blush is about $30 but this special is $39 and almost twice the size.  While I was at Nordstrom with my girlfriends I spotted it and grabbed one for my me and one for my mom.  When I got home from my girlfriend weekend I found out that my mom had ordered one for each of us from Nars.  They say great minds think alike, pretty sure my mom’s makeup preferences have rubbed off on me!

I’ll be sharing some of the fun things my girlfriends and I did in Chicago and our favorite spots we ate ate later this week so check back if you’re planning a trip to the windy city!  Hope you have a great day!



** All of these pics are taken with my iPhone and were originally posted to Instagram.  You can follow me @calicrest

Going Green

streets of chicago on calicrestboys on calicrest.comDoughnut Vault on calicrest.combig jump on calicrestjumping on calicrest.commother:daughter on calicrestChicago steps on calicrestSchurtz kids on calicrest.comchicago on calicrestJoel Schurtz calicrest.commom style on

We had a fun weekend celebrating Billy’s 9th birthday mixed in with a little St. Patricks Day celebration.  We tried to convince Billy that they dyed the river green for him since it’s his favorite color but I don’t think he cared what the reason was, he thought it was pretty great.  Downtown Chicago is one of my favorite places, I don’t think you can run out of new places to explore, there’s so much to do!  I love that the weather is warming up and we can get outside and explore this new place we call home.

While we were downtown we went to The Doughnut Vault.  Billy’s obsessed with donuts and is determined to try all the donut shops in Chicago, it’s going to take a while!  We’ve heard that The Doughnut Vault has the best donuts in Chicago so we thought we’d give it a go.  The line was long, super long, like wrapped around the block long but we were determined to try it and see if it lives up to the hype.  They didn’t disappoint, they were delish!  So if you’re in Chicago and craving donuts look them up and try them out.  We also love Stan’s Donuts and I think Firecakes Donuts is my favorite but they have an ice cream donut so that’s almost cheating!  Do-Rite Donuts will be our next donut stop.

I’ve linked what we’re all wearing here…

My Outfit– Sweatshirt is older from J.Crew but I love this one —  Gap Jeans (they’re the same jeans I posted on Instagram, I’m obsessed with them!)  —  New Balance Kicks  —  Karen Walker Sunglasses  —  Kate Spade Earrings  —  Bracelets  —  Fur Pom Poms on my bag

On Elle–  Similar Sweater  —  Gap Jeans  —  Converse  —  Vera Bradley Crossbody Bag

On Billy–  Sweatshirt  —  Jeans (he loves these because of the stretch, he says he can still run and jump in them which is top priority!)  —  Nike Shoes

On Tommy–  North Face Jacket  —  Nike T-Shirt  —  Gap Jeans (the same pair he’s trying on that I posted on Instagram)  —  Vans

On Joel–  Sweatshirt  —  Banana Republic Traveler Jeans (he’s like Billy and loves the stretch, he can run and jump in these too)   —  New Balance 574  —  Dolce & Gabbana Sunglasses 



A Week at the Lake



















We spent a little over a week out west visiting Joel’s family at their lake house in Northern Idaho.  We had so much fun hanging out with family, playing in the water, teaching kids to wakeboard, and riding roller coasters at Silverwood.  On the last day there we snapped some pics of the kids playing, which by the way it’s a lot harder to get everyone to look at the camera at the same time than you’d think!  We had a great week and can’t wait to return next summer for some more Schurtz Family fun!

Hope you’re having a great summer!!


















We made it to Chicago!!  We’ve been busy the last couple weeks unpacking, meeting new friends, neighbors, and just trying to get settled in our new home.  We decided it was time to get out and be tourists in the city we now call home.

We rode the train into the city, rode the subway, busses, and did a lot of walking, it was a blast!  The kids begged to go to the Zoo so that was the main attraction this trip.  The weather was perfect, the animals were cute (especially the baby gorilla), and the price can’t be beat (the Chicago Zoo is free everyday, who knew??).

We had so much fun exploring, taking in the sites, and eating good food.  I’m pretty sure you can go just about anywhere and the food will be amazing!

We ended the day with full bellies, tired feet, and some great memories.  I can’t wait until our next trip to the city, I have a feeling I’m going to fall in love with Chicago!


California Love

Over the holidays we flew to California to visit my family.  Joel and I surprised the kids the weekend before Christmas with tickets to California and they were so excited!  I didn’t take as many pictures as I wanted, it’s always hard when you’re having fun.  Here are a few of my favorites…

Birth of Christ Reenactment

On Christmas Eve we went to a close family friends house for a delicious dinner and the kids reenacted the birth of Christ while we read from Luke.  It was such a fun and special evening, we enjoyed seeing old friends and watching the kids come together and remember the true meaning of Christmas.

Birth of Christ Reenactment

Christmas Angles

Elle and my darling niece Maci were two of the Angels, they were so cute.

Christmas Eve Pajamas

My kids in their Christmas PJs on Christmas Eve


If these aren’t the cutest Santa cookies then I don’t what are!  A friend from home makes these delicious cookies (Well Mixed Sweet Treats) and they were so good!  I knew we wouldn’t have time to make cookies for Santa since we got in the week of Christmas and had so much going on so I ordered these and just might have to do it every year!  I want to order cookies for every occasion!


The kids on Christmas morning

Day Family Christmas 2014

Christmas Day with my Family

Christmas 2014 with Grandma Helen

This picture is blurry and not that great but my Grandma is in it so I have to include it!

Grandma Helen with Great Grandkids

My cute 97 year old Grandma flew out to CA to spend Christmas with our family and we loved spending time with her.  We yelled a lot (she doesn’t hear very well) and I lost my voice but it was worth it to have her there.  My kids haven’t seen much of her since moving to the South so this was a special treat for all of us, I hope they’ll always remember this Christmas with her.

Date Night

Joel and I took advantage of having free babysitters and went to dinner with my little brother and his darling pregnant wife.  Spending time with them made me want to move home so bad!!

Twin Scarves

Pink Perfection Baby Shower

I’m so happy I was home for my sister-in-laws baby shower.  She’s having her first girl (she has two little boys) and we’re all so excited for her.  The shower was pink perfection and such a blast!

Maria's Baby Shower

My two darling sister-in-laws

Maria's Baby Shower

Maria's Baby Shower

Love these ladies, miss them!!

Maria's Baby Shower

Yay for Maria, can’t wait for baby girl to come!!

New Years Eve with Girlfriends!

My friend Heather who I consider the sister I never had invited a few families of for New Years Eve and we had such a fun night.  We love their family so much!!

Mother, Daughter, Granddaughter

Shopping with my mom and Elle was one of my favorite days, these are two of my favorite people and definitely the funnest gals to shop with and eat lunch with!


And that’s a wrap!  Red eyes are definitely the way to fly with kids, they slept the entire time and even napped when we got home!

Spending the holidays back home was the best way to end 2014 and begin 2015.  I’ve had so much fun blogging this past year and look forward to sharing more of what I love to wear this in 2015.  Thank you for following along and reading, I can’t wait to see what this year has to offer!



**Most pics were taken with an iPhone and pulled of Instagram, sorry for the blurry pics but I had to document this trip!**

Stocking Stuffers

Stocking Stuffers for the whole family on

1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6

Can you believe that Christmas is just over a week away?  Today I’m sharing a few of my favorite last minute gift ideas, they’re perfect for stocking stuffers.  Hope you’re having a great week!!


Advent Calendar

Advent Calendar on CaliCrest.comAdvent Calendar on CaliCrest.comAdvent Calendar things to do in December on

Happy December 1st!  Can you believe it’s almost Christmas?  I’ll be sharing a few little traditions we do this month and today I’m starting with our advent calendar.  The kids love counting down the days until Christmas and they always get excited to have a little treat each day.  A few years ago I decided to add a little something to it, they still get a treat but there’s also a little paper for each day that tells the kids what they get to do that day.  It can be as simple as pay your friend a compliment at school, do a good deed, or a traditional thing like making a gingerbread house or watching a Christmas movie as a family.  I love watching my kids do little acts of service and hearing how great it made them feel after.  Let me know if you have any questions, I posted some of our to-do’s that go in our calendar (I left out a few surprises in case my kids see these pictures).

Hope you have a great day!


**I purchased the red and white striped bags from Target and used a gold Sharpie paint pen to write the numbers.  It doesn’t show up very well in the pictures but looks great in real life.  The blanket and pillow are also from Target.

Happy Thanksgiving

Schurtz Family Thanksgiving

Just want to wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving. I hope you’re having a great day with your loved ones. Thank you so much for following, I’m so grateful for each of you!



Billy and Elle on their first day of schoolBilly and Elle on their first day of school.  Billy’s in 2nd grade and Elle’s in 6th!

Tommy's first day of preschool

Tommy’s first day of preschool.

Fjallraven Classic Kanken Backpack from JCrew

Isn’t this the cutest backpack for Tommy!?!  He loves it!

Reebok CrossFit Shoes in Mint

Joel finally convinced me to try these Reebok Crossfit shoes and I love them!  They’re so comfortable, I think I’m hooked!

Fall Magazines, nailpolish, glasses

September means cooler weather, Autumn, and all my favorite magazines are jam-packed full of fall fashion!  I’m also loving these glasses I ordered recently.

Schurtz Family at Destin Beach

We spent the last weekend of summer down in Destin, Florida and loved every minute of it!  It’s such a beautiful beach, we can’t wait to go back next summer!

Zara Scarf, Nine West Leopard Heels, JCrew Jewelry, Essie Nailpolish, MAC lipstick

I’m so excited it’s FALL!!!  I’m loving the cooler temps we’re having and having fun getting all my scarfs, sweaters, and boots out.  I’m obsessed with this Zara scarf from last season, these Nine West heels!

Essie Nailpolish in Dress To Kilt | MAC Viva Glam lipstick | JCrew bracelet and Jewelry tray | Kate Spade Earrings