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Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

Anniversary Sale


Sweater  |  Cat Eye Sunglasses  |  Tory Burch Crossbody Bag  |  Leather Jacket  |  Flats  |  Round Sunglasses  |  Tory Burch Flats  |  Scarf  |  Mac Lipstick Set  |  Mug

I’ve had so much fun shopping the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale this last week.  It’s been open to cardmembers the last week and it’s opening up to everyone tomorrow so I thought I’d share a few of the things I’m loving.  This is seriously the best sale of the year!  I’ll be putting together my favorite boys looks and teen looks for back to school soon.  Happy Shopping!!


J.Crew Sale

J.Crew 40 off sale items on CaliCrest.com

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It’s Wish List Wednesday and today all sale items at J.Crew are an additional 40-50% off with code GETSHOPPING.  There are so many great pieces I’m dying to add to my closet.  Hope you find something you love, happy shopping!


ready for the water…

poolbeach style on CaliCrest.com


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With Joel gone and my kids having such busy schedules I’m so ready for summer!  We’ll be going back West for part of the summer to visit family so I’ve been busy shopping for cute swimsuits and swim accessories instead of packing up my house.  I’m loving this bright suit from J.Crew!  Where’s your favorite place to get swimsuits?  I’m on the hunt for something with good coverage, as flattering as a suit can be, and cute of course!


Mother’s Day Wish List

Mother's Day Gift Ideas on CaliCrest.com

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Mother’s Day is only a couple weeks away and I’ve put the perfect gift ideas that are all under $100.  You can’t go wrong with pink, a nice white blouse, or a fresh scent.  Hope this helps give you some good ideas for the Mother’s in your life.

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Spring Wishlist

Spring Wishlist on CaliCrest

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It’s been cold and wet here in the south and all I can think about is Spring!  I’ve been loving mint, yellow, and grey lately, the colors work together perfectly!  I’m ready for some warmer temps and sunny days.

I hope you’re having a great week, thanks so much for stopping by!




It’s the most wonderful time of the year… New York Fashion Week!!!  Even though I’m not there I’ve been stalking my favorite designers on Instagram to see what they’re showing off for fall.  I’ve been so inspired by the different looks that have made it down the runway and I’m sharing my favorites today.

First off is Kate Spade, the pink and bows get me every time!

Kate Spade NYFW Kate Spade NYFW Kate Spade NYFW Kate Spade NYFW Kate Spade NYFW Kate Spade NYFW

I’ve also been dying over everything from the Banana Republic Show, I can’t wait to get my hands on some of these heels!Banana Republic NYFW Banana Republic NYFW Banana Republic NYFW Banana Republic NYFW Banana Republic NYFW Banana Republic NYFW

And last but not least, J.Crew!  I want it all, it’s all so gorgeous and wearable!  I think my favorite is the blue skirt with a tie and the pink turtleneck with that cute clutch, how perfect is it!?! J.Crew NYFW J.Crew NYFW J.Crew NYFWJ.Crew NYFW   Have you had a chance to check out the looks from fashion week?  What are your favorites?  If you’re on Instagram follow me, CaliCrest, to see more of my favorites! xoxo, -M **All photos were found on Instagram under #NYFW**

Lipstick Love

The best red and pink lipsticks and lip liners on CaliCrest

Best Pink and Red Lipsticks on CaliCrest

The Best Red and Pink Lipsticks on CaliCrest

From Left… MAC ‘Ruby Woo’ Lipliner and Lipstick | MAC ‘Cherry’ Lipliner and MAC ‘MAC Red’ Lipstick | MAC ‘Brick’ Lipliner and MAC ‘Viva Glam I’ Lipstick | MAC ‘In Anticipation’ Lipliner and YSL ‘#6’ Lipstick | NARS ‘Schiap’ Lipstick | MAC ‘More To Love’ Lipliner and MAC ‘Viva Glam Miley Cyrus’ Lipstick


Best MAC Red Lipsticks and Lip Liners on CaliCrest


MAC Red Lip Palette | MAC ‘Ruby Woo’ Lip Pencil | MAC ‘Cherry’ Lip Pencil | MAC ‘Brick’ Lip Pencil

Let’s talk lipstick… First of all, you can never have too much, ever!!  I’ve got a serious thing for lipstick and I don’t feel complete without a little color on my lips.  So today I’m sharing a few of my favorite pinks and reds, just in time for Valentine’s Day.

If you’ve never tried a red lipstick it can be a bit intimidating when you’re looking at all the different shades so MAC Cosmetics came out with this great palette of reds.  I just received it in the mail and I’m loving it!  It’s perfect for blending reds or trying them out individually.  With Valentine’s Day this weekend I hope you’ll all try a bright pink or a gorgeous red on your lips!

I’d love to know what your favorite lipstick colors are, I love trying new colors!  Thanks for stopping by, hope this helps you find the perfect lipstick!!


Valentine’s Day At Home

Valentine's Day around the home on CaliCrest

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I’ve been busy adding a little love and pink to my home the last few days.  I love Valentine’s Day and have fun shopping and dressing the part.  I’m sharing a few of my favorite things I’d like to lounge in, aren’t these pjs the cutest?!?  I just bought this lipstick over the weekend and I’m obsessed, I’ve been wearing it everyday!  Hope you’re having a good week, thanks so much for stopping by!


Valentine’s Day Gifts Under $100

Valentine's Day Gift Ideas under $100 on CaliCrest

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I’m obsessed with pink and red, lips, kisses, lipstick, bows, love, hearts, flowers, and pretty much anything else associated with Valentine’s Day.  I love decorating for it and dressing the part.  I’m wanting everything in this Wish List Wednesday and love that they’re all under $100!  There’s something perfect for the gal in your life whether it’s your mom, friend, sister, daughter, yourself, anyone!  Hope you find something you like and I hope Joel happens to take a look too!

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Valentine’s Day Wish List

Valentine's Day Wish List on CaliCrest.com

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Valentine’s Day is a few weeks away and I’m obsessing over everything pink and red.  I’m dying to wear all of this on Valentine’s Day, it’s all so pretty and girly!

Hope you’re having a great week, thanks so much for stopping by!